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Federal Contracting Fraud Cases in Tampa, Florida

Federal Contracting Fraud

Federal Contracting Fraud in Tampa, Florida Federal government contracting started in the United States during the Revolutionary War and continues... read more

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The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) has announced that David C. Hardy of the Hardy Law Firm, P.A.,... read more

Simon, A Slave v. State of Florida

The Florida Supreme Court Decision that Established that Confessions Extracted by Threats or Promises Are Inadmissible at Trial In October... read more

The United States Supreme Court

A Supreme Court Decision That Will Affect Tampa Federal Firearms Cases

Facts of the Case – Rehaif v. United States Mr. Hamid Rehaif, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, entered... read more

Tampa federal substantial assistance

Substantial Assistance, 5K1.1 Motions, and Rule 35 Motions

What Is Substantial Assistance? “Substantial assistance” is a term that is often heard in the media when federal criminal cases... read more

Federal law sets out the minimum mandatory sentences for federal drug offenses, as well as the requirements for the safety valve.

Tampa Federal Drug Charges and the Safety Valve

What is a federal minimum mandatory drug sentence? Defendants in the Tampa federal courts with federal drug charges frequently... read more

A Guide to the Hillsborough County Florida Drug Court

The Hillsborough County, Florida Drug Court is a voluntary program that is designed to take non-violent drug offenders out... read more

What are the Hillsborough County Florida Probation Rules?

Frequently, rather than send a person convicted of crime to jail or prison, Florida judges will sentence a person... read more

When is a DUI in Florida a Misdemeanor and when is a DUI in Florida a Felony?

What is a Florida DUI? To prove the crime of DUI in Tampa, the prosecutor must prove two things beyond... read more

Do You Have A Hillsborough County Florida Arrest Warrant?

A Hillsborough County, Florida arrest warrant is an order directing law enforcement to take a person into custody.  If... read more

Tiger Woods and Florida Reckless Driving

The Tiger Woods DUI Case Around 4:00 a.m. on May 29, 2019, an officer from the Jupiter, Florida Police Department... read more

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Nuts and Bolts of Hearsay in the Tampa Criminal Courts

What Is Hearsay? How is Hearsay Defined in the Tampa Criminal Courts? In Tampa, Florida criminal trials, the Florida Rules... read more

Federal Criminal Appeals in Tampa Florida

Federal Criminal Appeals in Tampa Florida Defendants in Tampa federal criminal cases that have pleaded guilty or been found guilty... read more

Tampa police investigations

If You Are Under Investigation, Should You Talk To The Police Without A Criminal Defense Attorney?

As a Tampa criminal defense lawyer, I get a lot of questions from people concerning the criminal justice system... read more

The United States Constitution

With The Advice And Consent Of The Senate

With the nomination and Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the Senate confirmation process of Supreme... read more

The Safety Valve is set out in the United States Sente

Understanding The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

What Are The United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines? In 1984 a law called the Sentencing Reform Act established the United States... read more

Are There Defenses To A Florida DUI Charge?

Are There Defenses To A Tampa Florida DUI Charge?

Are There Defenses To A Tampa Florida DUI Charge? One of the first questions that people arrested for a Tampa,... read more

United States Supreme Court

How Do The Federal Criminal Courts Work?

Why Do Federal Courts Exist? The federal courts exist in order to decide disputes concerning the United States Constitution, as... read more

Ernesto Miranda

What Are Miranda Rights And Who Was Ernesto Miranda?

Why Was Ernesto Miranda Arrested? On March 3, 1963, an eighteen-year-old woman had been working in the concession stand at... read more

Federal Criminal Cases v. Florida Criminal Cases

How are Federal Criminal Cases prosecuted Differently that Criminal Cases in the Florida State Courts? Federal criminal cases are very... read more

New and Improved “Get Smart” Federal Government Surveillance

In the 1960’s comedy television series “Get Smart”, Agent 13 was a Government agent whose job was to perform... read more

Florida Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy and Hollywood

  In 1999, a Hollywood movie called “Double Jeopardy” came out. The film begins with a woman waking up at sea... read more