Urine Tests For DUI In Tampa, Florida

Florida's Implied Consent Law requires any person who drives a vehicle within the state and who is suspected of a Tampa DUI to submit to a chemical test of their urine.

DUI urine tests are used to detect drugs like marijuana, cocaine, prescription painkillers, or even over the counter medicines that might affect a person's ability to drive.

Typically, when a person arrested for a Tampa DUI provides a breath sample test and the result is under .08, police officers will then request a urine sample and test it for controlled substances.

Urine tests for DUI in Tampa are of limited value to police in proving DUI because while DUI urine tests may show the presence of a drug, they don't indicate when the person took the drug or if the person was still under the influence of the drug at the time the sample was provided. For example, marijuana can be present in a person's urine for weeks after smoking, but the effects of marijuana only last a few hours.

Therefore, depending on the facts of the case, a prosecutor might reduce a DUI based on a positive urine test to reckless driving, or even drop the case.

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