Disorderly Conduct Defense in Tampa, FL

What is Disorderly Conduct in Tampa, Florida?

A person commits the offense of Disorderly Conduct in Florida when:

  1. The person commits an act that corrupts the public morals, outrages the sense of public decency, or affects the peace and quiet of persons;

Or when,

  1. The person engages in brawling or fighting.

Maximum penalties for Disorderly Conduct in Tampa, Florida

Disorderly Conduct in Florida is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of:

  • 60 days in jail
  • 6 months of probation
  • $500 fine

Possible Defenses to a Disorderly Conduct in Tampa Charge

First Amendment

Pursuant to the United States Constitution, Florida laws normally cannot restrict a person's freedom of speech. Therefore the words a person speaks will rarely result in a conviction for Disorderly Conduct in Florida.

For example, an accused generally cannot be convicted for Disorderly Conduct in Tampa, Florida when he or she merely screams, swears or directs insults at a law enforcement officer. However, if along with the screaming, swearing, and insults an accused engaged in physical actions that obstructed the officer from doing his or her duty, a person could be convicted of disorderly conduct in Florida.

There are other situations in which a person's words can result in a Disorderly Conduct in Tampa, Florida conviction.

First, a person can be convicted of Disorderly Conduct in Florida if they use “fighting words.” “Fighting words,” are words that are likely to cause an average person to whom they are addressed to fight.

Second, a person can be convicted of disorderly conduct in Florida if they speak words that they know are false and those words create a danger of bodily harm to others. For example, if a person were to scream “fire!” just to get a better seat at a crowded concert, this conduct would create a danger that people might be injured as they attempt to flee the area.

Self Defense

Because an accused can be convicted of Disorderly Conduct in Florida if they engage in brawling or fighting, an accused may claim that they fought or brawled in self-defense. However, the defense applies only if the defendant did not provoke the brawl or fight.

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